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How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

You'll never know that you've watched their Stories!

Instagram Stories let users post what they're currently working on, and Story creators can track those who watched their Stories. If someone grants the ability to view his or her Instagram Story, they are cool with you watching it.

However, you might not want to be on the list of users for any reason. We've put together the best ways to check Instagram Stories anonymously.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously With Airplane Mode

Airplane mode turned off

Airplane mode on in Android

The top Stories are preloaded so that users can view them instantly upon opening the app. To load the story of a certain user, open their profile and then wait just a few seconds.

After that, switch your phone in airplane mode, and tap their profile picture in order to start the Story. If you don't have a internet connection, you'll be able to see the Story and it will not change your name. However, the views may update after connecting the phone online.

It is also possible to lose connection midway through watching Stories. Instagram may not be able preload all Stories particularly if the user has uploaded more than one.

Use Another Instagram Account to Watch Stories Without the User Knowing

The best way to check out and capture Instagram Stories without having your account listed on the list is to create a new account. If the user does not recognize the account the account, they will not be able to identify who has seen the Story.

It is possible to view Stories from another ID if the account is public. If, however, the user has a private profile, you'll need to follow them prior to getting access.

Use Instagram (IG) Story Viewer Apps

Instagram Story Viewer and Downloader

Viewing Instagram stories anonymously

Social media stories are gaining popularity in the last few years. Thanks to Internetadvertisingcompany popularity many third-party apps have emerged that allow users to access stories anonymously. They gain access to your data, which poses at risk from security breaches, something you should be aware of.

Two of these apps are:

BlindStory for Android and iPhone (free and in-app purchase available)

Insta Story Stalker is available for Android (free In-app purchases available)

These apps will only allow you to view the stories of private accounts. Most Android versions are completely free, but there are in-app purchase options for iPhone to help you view Instagram Stories anonymously.

You can utilize the IG Story viewer to view public Stories and download the stories. Some versions include a profile picture downloader.

Keep Things Discrete and Anonymous

Instagram has the Story feature, but sometimes users don't want the Story owner to have their name listed on the list of followers.

In the guide above we have discussed three ways to view Instagram Stories anonymously. These methods allow you to access IG Stories without the users being aware. What method you opt for is dependent on your level of comfort and confidence on the procedure.

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